Understanding CPT Code

Medical Test

            CPT code is a universal language implemented in the medical field for roughly 47 years. CPT stands for Current Procedural Terminology and creates a quick, convenient way for medical staff to communicate when referring to a patient’s diagnosis, medication, or ailments. It is one of the most useful forms of jargon that is shared by all health care professionals. CPT is implemented in hospitals, insurance agencies, and in the field by emergency response personnel.

CPT was first developed in 1966 by the American Medical association. It helped doctors and medical staff communicate between each other efficiently, regardless of distance or language that tends to vary at different hospitals. It also comes into use when doctors and medical staff deal with insurance agencies, as most agents and claim filers are also versed in CPT, making conditions easier to report and file. In the 70’s the current version of CPT, known as CPT-4, came into existence and is used currently in hospitals all over the nation.

With the massive integration of technology into the medical field, software has been created that helps learning and speaking CPT-4 easier than ever. CPT 4 code lookup programs are a vital tool in understanding and communicating in CPT-4. When consulting a program or piece of equipment that aid in CPT 4 codes and lookup, curious staff just need to type in the ailment or situation. A CPT code lookup program will provide the correct code based on the current, and in some cases prior, forms of CPT code. When using CPT and codes lookup programs, staff must not use it as a crutch. Proficient understanding and implementation of CPT code is needed in order to be a successful medical care professional.

CPT coding lookup is invaluable in today’s rapidly evolving medical field and practices. It can be used in tandem with any electronic medical record program and can help staff classify symptoms and ailments for use by other medical staff or insurance companies. Although technology is a valuable aid in the medical community, it cannot be relied on entirely. Staff must be trained in communicating in CPT-4 without the use of code lookup programs or software. If medical staff fails to learn and correctly implement the use of CPT-4 code, the results can be catastrophic. Incorrect usage or deciphering of CPT-4 code can result in botched surgeries, incorrect diagnoses, and potentially preventable patient death.

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